Judith Fellton Memorial Award

As many of you may know, the DPCA Rescue Committee (originally called the Committee on Population Explosion, or COPE), was founded during the presidency of Chuck Etner in 1976. This was a time when the Doberman Pinscher registration statistics had skyrocketed to number two, second only to that of the Poodle (Standard, Toy and Miniature combined). Judith Felton’s considerable Rescue efforts were incorporated into the COPE program shortly after its inception and she worked tirelessly to promote COPE. This wonderful woman passed away in 2004, leaving an amazing legacy.

The DPCA Rescue Committee felt that a meaningful way in which to commemorate her legacy would be an annual award to honor the achievements of a rescued Doberman that particularly embodies a success story and is a credit to our breed and to rescue. So see the stories of previous recipients click here.

Each and every one of our Dobermans possess many wonderful traits and abilities. The strength of our breed’s noble character is sometimes even more apparent when these amazing dogs must suffer the loss of their original home and other adversity, and are still able to be wonderful ambassadors for the breed. This award is not necessarily an award for achievement in performance, although rescued Dobermans who excel in performance activities are certainly eligible for nomination. Our rescued Dobermans perform many jobs worthy of honor, including but not limited to, therapy work, search and rescue, or just being the best, most faithful companion you’ve ever had the pleasure to own. The recipient of the Judith Felton Memorial Award is announced each year at the National and will receive a stone plaque engraved with a picture of their dog. It will be mailed if the recipient is not able to be present.

NOMINATIONS:  Any rescued Doberman, alive at the close of the previous year’s nominations, is eligible for nomination. You can nominate your own wonderful companion, a friend’s dog, or a dog who was adopted from your rescue program – any rescued Doberman. The form is on the website - click here.

Please send nomination (email preferred) along with a picture to :-
DPCARescueFellton@dpca.org - please put ‘Judith Fellton Award’ in the subject line.
For U.S. Mail - please contact us for the current address.