The American Kennel Club Parent Club Conference


The American Kennel Club Parent Club Conference

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The American Kennel Club Parent Club Conference was sponsored by The American Kennel Club, and other sponsors were Eukanuba and AKC CAR (Companion Animal Recovery).

The organization and attention to the smallest detail made this conference a truly superior experience.

I was asked to attend by DPCA President, Janet Van Wormer.  Prior to the conference, attendees were asked to choose specific presentations of interest.

There were also several meetings for the entire group.  Without exception, all presentations were well worth attending.

My choices were “Impact of Declining Registrations/Mentoring and Parent Clubs”, “Improving the National Specialty”, and “Breed Standards”.  The presenters of these three were beyond compare,, including John Wade, John Lyons, Alan Kalter, and Mari-Beth O’Neill among many others. Hearing opinions and advice from this caliber of speakers was very worthwhile.

Other meetings that I chose to attend were “Docking and Cropping”, “AKC Parent Club Communications”, “OnLine AKC”, “Legislative Issues and the Chapter Club”, and “Canine Health and Welfare”.  Speakers in these sessions included Patti Strand, Eddie Dzuik, Dr. Frances Smith, Dr. Patricia Haines, Alan Kalter and Dr. Thomas Graves as well as several others.  Each session was extremely informative and well presented.

The free exchange of information continued non-stop, even on breaks and at meals. The speakers were always available to speak to us one on one.

While the entire conference was beyond compare, the highlight for me was a wonderful video produced by Alan Kalter.  This video urged us all to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED so we do not lose our right and privilege to own and breed dogs. I will attempt to obtain this video prior to the DPCA National Specialty so that it can be viewed by the membership attending the General Membership Meeting.

It is truly impossible to give a summary of the many sessions.  The three days were filled with an intensity rarely experienced. I have copious notes and am very willing to discuss any meeting I attended.  Not one minute was wasted.  A cadre of dedicated AKC employees, officers and delegates did an amazing job.

And the food was marvelous!