Sonny Update


Sonny Update

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I’m happy to be able to tell you the story of the rescue of Sonny, the Doberman with the gash in his throat abandoned inside a fenced enclosure on a mountaintop with no water or food continues to make news. His story is even being used in some classrooms to discuss animal welfare, care and cruelty. He continues to pack on the pounds now that he “passed” a large trash bag (yep, another miracle for Sonny) and may be able to be neutered as soon as next week. Here’s is the newspaper story this week:

Permission to cross post.

Thanks for your interest, and for all that so many do to help the Dobermans we love.

PS: Some have asked why we named him Sonny. He was found atop Frenchman’s Peak on Sunrise Mountain. So, Sunrise became Sonny (the masculine form of the same-sounding name) and it seems to agree with his personality just fine.