Senate Bill 1812

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Senate Bill 1812


Yesterday, the New York Senate Agriculture Committee approved a bill that would help lost dogs in the state be reunited more quickly with their owners.

Under Senate Bill 1812, a lost dog must be checked for all forms of identification, including tags, microchips, tattoos or licenses within 24 hours after intake, or as soon as practicable.  


Also, if possible, a photograph and description of the dog should be posted on the Internet, unless it is determined that it would be better to not post “if deemed appropriate to facilitate finding the owner or protect the safety of the dog.”


If the dog is identified, the owner must be notified either personally or by certified mail, and the dog must be held for seven days.  If the dog is not identified right away, it must be held for at least five days.


NY residents are encouraged to contact their state senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 1812.  Visit the Legislative Action Center and type your address in the 

“Find Your Elected Officials” box to get the name and contact information for your State Senator.  A full list of Senators can be found here