Computerized Gait Study of Dobermans with and without Wobblers


Computerized Gait Study of Dobermans with and without Wobblers

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Dr. Ronaldo da Costa, board-certified Neurologist with Ohio State University and lead investigator in several studies of Wobblers syndrome in Dobermans and Great Danes, is conducting a study to develop a more reliable way to evaluate the gait of Dobermans with Wobblers. The study is paying for the MRI of dogs suspected of having Wobblers disease.

The goal of the study is to develop a better method of evaluating response to treatment of Dobermans with Wobblers using several computerized gait systems. Currently, a dog’s response to treatment is subjectively evaluated via neurological examination and the owner’s perception of improvement. These methods can be biased and affected by subjective factors. By using state-of-the-art computerized gait analysis systems, we hope to establish a more reliable, objective way to assess response to treatment and thus to be able to objectively compare different methods of treatment.

We are currently enrolling Dobermans suspected of having Wobblers syndrome. The study will pay for the MRI and all gait tests with the condition that the owner returns for the follow-up gait tests (allowing us to compare the gait before and after treatment). The costs for the follow-up visits will also be covered by the study. The study will not cover the initial examination fee, blood work or costs associated with the treatment (either medical or surgical).
For more detailed information please check the link below.  There are 2 links showing the computerized gait of a normal Doberman:

Should you have questions about the study or have a Doberman with suspected/diagnosed wobblers that might participate, please contact Dr. Ronaldo da Costa ( or Dr. Kari Foss, Neurology Resident (

Thank you very much,
Kathy Davieds DVM