National Convention

2018 National Show & Convention ยท St. Charles, Illinois
93rd Annual National Convention
Oct 6-13, 2018

2018 TENTATIVE Schedule of Events

Tentative 2018 National Schedule 11-16-2017 revision


Oct 6th

Regional Specialty

Sweepstakes:  Karin Fox All Classes Mega Center 

Conformation: Dr. May Jacobson Dogs & 6-9 & 9-12 Bitches Mega Center

Obedience / Rally Trials: #1 TBA St. Charles Ballroom

Agility Trial: #1 TBA Off-site “Agility at the Farm”

Agility Match: TBA Off-site “Agility at the Farm”


Oct 7th

Regional Specialty

Conformation: Luiz Fernando Riba Silva Remainder of Bitch Classes

Linda Krukar Intersex, Junior Showmanship, Non Regular Classes Stud Dog Brood Bitch & Veterans Mega Center

Heart Clinic: TBA Mega Center Skybox #3 & #4: (upstairs)

Agility Trial: #2: TBA Off-site Agility at the Farm

Obedience / Rally Trials: #2 TBA St. Charles Ballroom

Welcome Party: Details TBA 7PM New Orleans Ballroom


Oct 8th

National Specialty

Membership Breakfast & Annual Meeting: Breakfast buffet opens at 7:00AM, annual meeting & awards starts 8AM – 10AM off Bourbon Street. New Orleans Ballroom  

Board Meeting: TBA (upstairs) Mega Center Skybox #5

Exhibitors Seminar: TBA 11:00AM – 3:00PM Turquoise Room A&B 2nd floor of Tower 

DPCA Registration: Opens Noon Mega Center

Heart Clinic: TBA Mega Center Skybox #3 & #4: (upstairs)

National Agility Trial: TBA *Dobermans only Off-site “Agility at the Farm”

Top 20 Conformation: 7:00PM Mega Center

WAE (Working Aptitude Evaluation): 11:00AM or 1 hr. after annual meeting By Tennis Court

Barn Hunt Seminar: TBA Gravel area Behind RV’s


Oct 9th

National Specialty

Barn Hunt Trial: TBA Gravel area Behind RV’s

WAE (Working Aptitude Evaluation): 8AM  By Tennis Court

National Obedience / Rally Trials:  TBA *Dobermans only St. Charles Ballroom.

Breeders Seminar: TBA Turquoise Room A&B 2nd floor Tower

Chapter Club Meeting: 3PM Jade Room 2nd floor Tower

Board Meeting: - TBA (upstairs) Mega Center Boardroom Skybox #5

ROM: Committee Meeting 3PM Mega Center Skybox #2 (upstairs)

Round Robin Tournament & Generation Forward Meet and Greet: 8AM – 12:30PM Mega Center 

Heart Clinic: TBA Mega Center Skybox #3 & #4:(upstairs)

DNA Blood Draw: CHIC booth Times 10AM - 12:30PM & 2PM - 4:30PM Mega Center

Top 20 Agility: 7:00PM - Mega Center


Oct 10th

National Specialty

International Meeting: Time 4PM Augusta 1

Board Meeting: - TBA (upstairs) Mega Center Boardroom Skybox #5 

WAE/ROM Seminar: TBA Turquoise Room A&B 2nd floor Tower

Futurity/Maturity: Amy Tourond All classes Mega Center

Agility Seminar: TBA Off-site “Agility at the Farm”

DNA Blood Draw: CHIC booth Times 10AM - 12:30PM & 2PM - 4:30PM Mega Center

Top 20 Obedience: 7:00PM St. Charles Ballroom


Oct 11th

National Specialty

Health Night Speakers: TBA 7:00PM Turquoise Room A&B 2nd floor Tower.

Board Meeting: TBA (upstairs) Mega Center Boardroom Skybox #5

Judges Education: JEC mentors meeting time TBA (2nd floor) Mega Center Skybox 4

National Sweepstakes: Eve Auch All Classes Mega Center

National Conformation: Vicki Sieler-Cushman Dogs & Veterans & Stud Dog Mega Center

Night Walk: TBA


Oct 12th

National Specialty

Judges Education Seminar: 12:00PM Turquoise A&B Rooms

DPCA Health/Rescue Fundraiser: 6:30PM cocktails, 7PM Dinner, Parade of Rescues, Judith Fellton, Lifetime Achievement and Good Guy Awards during the fundraiser. St. Charles Ballroom

Board Meeting: TBA (upstairs) Mega Center Boardroom Skybox #5

Junior Jamboree: After Bitch Judging. Mega Center

National Conformation: William "Bill" P Shelton Bitches & Veterans & Brood Bitch Mega Center

Fall Classic IPO Trial hosted by the UDC: TBA


Oct 13th

National Specialty

National Conformation: Faye Strauss Intersex, all non-regular classes; During the lunch break will be Juniors Top 20, AKC Pee-Wee competition and Chuck A Duck 50/50 raffle Mega Center

Judges Education: ring side mentoring Mega Center