faces of the faithful

Centennial Committee

Mr. Jeffrey Paul Helsdon

Ms. Dale Maddox Geddis
Honorary Co-Chair

Ms. Marsha Sheppard
Finance Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Sharon Pflueger and Ms. Tammy Rabold
Merchandise Sales Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Ms. Shani St. John
Media and Publicity Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Michelle Kramer
Website Chair

Ms. Jann Selleck
Servicemark Subcommittee Chair

Dr. May Jacobson
Foreign Dignitaries Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Meghan Munter
Special Projects Subcommittee Chair

Mr. Ray Carlisle
World War II Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Maria Ciski
Service Dog Subcommittee Chair

Mr. Jeffrey Paul Helsdon
Homeland Security Subcommittee Chair

Ms. Sherry Beck
Event Subcommittee Chair

Peggy Boos
Lora Van Epp
Nicole Glasser

Executive Committee Members
Dr. Sam F. Burke, Jr.
Dr. Anthony DiNardo
Ms. Ellen Hanley
Ms. Robin Kelley
Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Always faithful

Welcome to the website created in honor of an American hero, the Doberman Pinscher. We are celebrating 100 years of the Doberman in the U.S. Our theme reflects the overarching characteristic that makes the Doberman Pinscher so special. They are truly, Always Faithful.

This is no accident. The breed was developed by its namesake, Louis Dobermann in Apolda, Germany. He held several jobs including both tax collector and dog catcher. He determined the traits he wanted in his companion dog, and used the opportunities presented as dog catcher to choose appropriate animals for breeding. The traits were anything but simple; a night watchman, a dog capable of recognizing and responding to threats, alert him to impending danger, and a loyal companion and friend.

As you explore this site, you’ll recognize how these traits have come together to create a dog that has served people in war and peace, as pet and friend, as eyes, ears and limbs for those in need. Ask anyone who has been owned by a Doberman and you will hear it again and again. No matter the task, they are Always Faithful.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America will honor the centennial of our breed with educational initiatives across the country all year, highlighted at the Centennial Event. Always faithful then and now, together we will honor the past service to America by the Doberman, recognize the continuing service of this breed to America today and commit to providing American Dobermans for American security now and forever.

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