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Introduction to the Illustrated Standard

A number of years ago, the Doberman Pinscher of America developed an illustrated standard with graphic illustrations of what breeders expect the Doberman to look like when it is judged against the AKC standard. Advances in technology and publishing, along with the the availability of photographs of outstanding specimens, has caused the DPCA to consider a new issue of the illustrated standard.

The new Illustrated Standard (issued in 2006) appears on this web site in its entirety. It is a rather lengthy document. Printing the web pages will not provide you with an integrated Illustrated Standard, because you will print other information on the page, such as headers and footers. We considered making the Illustrated Standard available as an Acrobat Reader PDF file. However, converting to this file format lowers the quality of the drawings considerably.

If you are interested in a copy of your own Illustrated Standard, please contact:
Doug Jensen at DPCAeducationalmaterialsproject@dpca.org , or you can mail $7 (North America) to: DPCA c/o Doug Jensen, 2704 N. Webb Rd., Grand Island, NE 68803-1342.

We have provided photographs of excellent representatives of our breed elsewhere on this web site. We think that these pictures will supplement the graphics that you find in this Illustrated Standard.

Please navigate through the Illustrated standard using the links shown below or on the side. We believe the links are self-explanatory and we hope that we have provided you with clear and easy access to all portions of the Illustrated Standard.

Illustrated Standard Pages

Intro General Appearance Size/Proportion Head Neck/Top/Body Forequarters Hindquarters Coat Gait Temperament