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Theresa Mullen

Theresa Mullen has been devoted to the serious breeding and exhibiting of Dobermans since 1967, when, as a teen, her parents bought a young Champion sired bitch.  Since then, she has diligently studied the breed and has many accomplishments.

After High School, she attended Michigan State University, majoring in Dairy Science/Endocrinology and Animal Husbandry, with an eye on a career in Large Animal Management.  She studied Anatomy & Physiology and Genetics extensively.

In 1970 and 1971, she was honored with her selection to represent M.S.U. on their Inter-Collegiate Livestock Judging Team.   She traveled the Country representing M.S.U., excelling in her ability to judge all species of livestock.  She was also selected to be a member of the M.S.U. Quarter Horse Judging Team, competing at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio.   There, she helped win over more than thirty Universities and Colleges.  Theresa has judged all breeds of beef and dairy cattle; sheep and hogs.  She has also been active as a 4-H Judge in these venues.

Theresa's success and experience as a Livestock Judge, working with many Standards,  has extended itself to her understanding of the Doberman Standard and it's application to the live dog and selection of breeding stock.

Before her involvement in the "Dog Sport", Theresa was initially captivated by the "Equine Sport".  Her parents bred and raced Standardbred harness horses.  She helped train, groom and condition the family's horses, as well as worked with several top Drivers and Trainers at Michigan Racetracks.

While in college, Theresa continued her interest in showing and breeding
Dobermans.  She purchased her first foundation bitch in 1972, a Ch. Thorvald Vom Ahrtal daughter.  Through this bitch and her descendants, Theresa, along with her sister Judy Mullen,  has bred/owned a continuous line of * Eight Generations * of Champions and Champion Producers---up to the present day.

Theresa's Dobermans include many DPCA Top Twenty dogs;  Best In Show winners;  Best in Specialty Show winners;   DPCA Superior Quality Specimen's;  DPCA Stud Dog winners;  many DPCA Class winners as well as Obedience titled Dobermans.  She has bred many Champions from a very limited and select number of breedings---proving you can breed the very highest calibre of Dobermans without having to breed large quantity.

Theresa's philosophy on breeding Dobermans revolves around the "Strength of the Family"  both Sire Line and Maternal Family, and its strong influence on an animals ability to successfully reproduce itself.

Theresa is a DPCA member and currently is Coordinator of it's Public Education Committee.  She is also a  DPC of Michigan member and with her sister/partner Judy Mullen,  breeds under the prefix of  "Terrylane".

Theresa Mullen,
Terrylane, USA

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