2011 Judith Fellton Memorial Award Nominations

2011 Judith Fellton Memorial Award Nominations

Judith Felton Memorial Award 2012 Nominees
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Calling All Outstanding Rescue Dobermans!!!

GENERAL INFORMATION: At the time the DPCA Rescue Committee (known as COPE at that time) was founded by Judith Fellton in 1976, AKC Doberman Pinscher registrations were number 2, second only to registrations of all three Poodle varieties. This prompted the formation of “Committee On Population Explosion.” Upon Judith’s death in 2004, the DPCA Rescue Committee decided to honor her amazing legacy by establishing the Judith Fellton Memorial Award. This award, presented annually at the DPCA National Specialty, acknowledges the outstanding achievements of a rescued Doberman. The winner need not be present at the National to accept the award; it can be mailed.

Each year we seek out a rescued Doberman that both embodies a success story and is a credit to the breed and to rescue. The strength of the Doberman Pinscher’s noble character is often evident when these amazing dogs suffer the loss of their homes or their families, or when they have suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a human. They often shine as ambassadors for the breed, and often against all apparent odds. Dobermans excel as therapy dogs, search and rescue (SAR) dogs, and service dogs, as well as faithful and loyal companions; the Judith Fellton Award is not limited to achievements in performance or to any title which the rescued Doberman holds

ELIGIBILITY:¬†Any rescued Doberman is eligible to be nominated. For purposes of this award, a “Rescue Doberman” is defined as one that is adopted, generally from a rescue organization or shelter, though a stray kept by its finder is also considered a rescue. All rescues must be spayed or neutered, in keeping with the intent of Mrs. Fellton. A dog purchased from a pet store or breeder, regardless of the purchaser’s motivation, or a dog that is directly re-homed by a breeder is not eligible for this award.

NOMINATIONS:¬†Nominations for the Judith Fellton Memorial Award will remain open until August 31, 2011. You can nominate your own wonderful companion, a friend’s rescued Doberman, or a Doberman that was adopted from your rescue program.

Tell us:
Where and how this Doberman was obtained
Why this Doberman is outstanding.
Up to three photos of the Doberman you are nominating (maximum 100 kb per emailed photo)
Information about the Doberman in a Word document or in the body of an email.

Send nominations via USPS to:
Required Information:
Doberman’s name
Owner’s name
Residence Address (not a P.O. Box)
Email address
Telephone number

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